Finding the Right, LLC is a consulting firm offering technical assistance, training and program development assistance to organizations, agencies and criminal justice partners across the country and around the world.

Finding the Right is committed to building the understanding, knowledge and skill of front line responders to violence against women and children.

Violence against women and children continues around the world at a horrifying rate. Since 1975, the incidence of sexual assault, child abuse, and domestic violence has remained constant. Sexual assault remains one of the most prevalent and unreported crimes. When reported, sexual assault cases are rarely prosecuted successfully.

Finding the Right was born out of a belief that we can and must do better for victims of crime.

Finding the Right:

  • Begins with belief. Believe victims of sexual and domestic violence when they muster the courage to tell you about their experiences.

  • Is victim-centered. From first response to case resolution, all aspects focus on the needs of the victim.

  • Functions collaboratively. There is strength in numbers. When systems work together, victims are better served.

Upholding It:

  • Supports the rights of victims. Supporting the victim in work, school and community.

  • Thorough investigation. Conducting a thorough and trauma focused investigation.

  • Holding offenders accountable. Charging and litigating difficult cases to hold offenders accountable.