Speaking, Training, and Workshops


Julie delivers powerful keynote speeches that energize organizations and inspire communities to action.


Julie provides training and technical assistance to criminal justice professionals and other organizations looking to increase their awareness, develop or improve best practices or create new protocols. Julie custom designs and delivers trainings, day-long seminars and multi-day conferences tailored to an agency’s or organization's specific needs on a wide array of domestic and sexual violence topics. These trainings can also accommodate continuing education needs (CLE, CEU, POST).

Finding the Right offers a variety of trainings and presentations:

  • Investigation of sexual assaults
  • Trauma informed practice and investigation
  • Overcoming the consent defense
  • Alcohol, drugs and sexual assault
  • Benefits of the multidisciplinary approach to sexual assault
  • Benefits of the multidisciplinary approach to child abuse
  • Working with child victims
  • Jury selection: How to select the best jury
  • Getting the most bang for your buck: working with expert witnesses
  • Opening statements and closing arguments
  • Tips for testifying

Finding the Right trains a variety of audiences:

  • Legal system (prosecutors, law enforcement, judges, court clerks and probation officers)
  • Domestic violence and sexual assault advocates and service providers
  • Health care system (doctors, nurses, therapists and substance abuse councelors)
  • Human services (child welfare workers and social workers)
  • Corporations (security, human resources and employee assistance)
  • Colleges and universities (Title IX investigators, campus law enforcement and students)